Our history

Hemp at the service of beauty

Lynns Bouclier, founder of Greenvetic

“Greenvetic was founded in 2018 with my only wish to offer to my customers innovating, efficient and healthy beauty products.

It took me several years to find the leading ingredient, an ally which with its potency, would reveal the natural beauty of the skin. Therefore, I chose Hemp. This prestigious ancient plant holds the heart of my brand. It adds a huge added value as it suits everyone, all ages, all skin types, and all genders.

Having grown up in Switzerland, I naturally looked to two specialized Swiss laboratories that use perfect mastery of natural products without any harmful to human health chemicals. The first one is a leader in safe technology to strengthen naturally active principles by multiplying their effects, making them bioavailable for the skin and to significantly increase their absorbing capacity. The second one is a leader in natural cosmetics using innovating formulas and techniques with a high proficiency regarding the respect for nature, animals, and human health.

Greenvetic is the synergy of that marvelous hemp combined with other natural elements, precise Swiss expertise, innovation, and my inspiration.

The magical result is an exclusive, noble, healthy, and high-quality product.

Our commitment

Our cosmetics are developed and manufactured in Switzerland, with
innovating techniques and formulas. We hereby for the highest quality of
our products and for the strict criteria of that our partner

When possible, we opt for raw materials in close proximity.